The Path to Social Profitability Requires ‘Connection’


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Inspiring social profitability

David Abrams and Geoff Seigel

We are all about creating opportunities to move people to do great things. All organizations, whether private, public or charitable, are driven to inspire and engage. We believe passionately in the power of bringing people together to create what does not yet exist.

Achieving SOCIAL PROFITABILITY requires a commitment to bring the best minds and thinking together. Let that action begin here.

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David Abrams - The Collective

David Abrams

David is forever curious about the possibility of “what can be” and how we can harness the power of collaboration and participation to achieve great things.

I began my career in public accounting where I was afforded the opportunity to snoop into other people’s business… or their businesses, I should say. It also instilled in me a respect for, and understanding of, the numbers. Or, results.

That experience became the springboard to a 20+ year career in marketing and communications, providing an opportunity to form many long-standing client and colleague relationships, many of which still stand today.

Agency life has always been fast, challenging and rewarding. Taking responsibility for developing fully integrated marketing programs for our clients has created an environment of constant learning and innovation. Quite honestly, that is the best part. Boredom is something that I have never experienced and for that I am very grateful to this industry.

Always willing to embrace new challenges, and this business presents new ones all of the time, I went on to complete my certification as a Professional Facilitator (CPF), as recognized by the International Association of Facilitators (IAF). These skills are utilized in our growing practice of providing experiential, and unquestionably RAW, group strategic planning solutions, enabling clients to discover what does not yet exist.

I continue to have the great fortune of leading a talented and passionate team at The Collective and together with our sister divisions, RAW Society and INTENT Media, we are helping clients achieve success.

I work hard (there really is no other choice) with the goal of enjoying life. Pleasures include frequent travel to Italy, lemon tarts, being outdoors, walking the fabulous beach in Aruba and drinking great WINE. Did I mention my love of wine? Having completed my WSET Level II in Florence, Italy, I am anticipating continued study in this program. And of course, I could not enjoy life nearly as much without my family, my wife Tara and my two kids, Emily and Ryan.

Geoff Seigel

Geoff Seigel

Geoff’s love and passion for all things “media” is fueled by his personal connection to fighting through adversity and taking care of those that he loves.

I honestly had no idea I would end up with a career in advertising, but I don’t think I could have manufactured a better fit for myself. I thrive in a fast paced, collaborative environment where results are measured in real time. My kinetic energy has been channelled towards my love for all things media.

I was fortunate to begin my career at one of the largest ad agencies in Canada, where I planned and bought media for some of the country’s best brands. A move to media sales years later, selling millions of dollars a year of bus shelters and billboards to agencies and clients direct, allowed me refine my relationship building and entrepreneurial prowess.

Not one to sit still for too long, and after a great run on the agency and ad sales side, I opened my own small agency with a few clients who were confident and ready to take that leap with me. Shortly after the business launched and due to a variety of personal and professional influences, I found a niche in the not-for-profit sector, specifically cancer related initiatives. I worked on participant recruitment programs for the inaugural Weekend to End Breast Cancer benefiting Princess Margaret Hospital. This work quickly expanded to similar programs such as Ride to Conquer Cancer, and others. In need of greater bandwidth and resources, I joined The Collective to take forward what I started. Together we created Intent Media, built on a compelling platform that blends media buying and activation, unlike any other agency in the marketplace. 13 years later, I still work on these and many similar programs, and am pleased to have played a key role in these events raising hundred of millions of dollars for top tier cancer hospitals in Canada and around the world.

I am very fortunate to marry my professional passion with my personal mission – do good and influence others to do the same. The work I do in this area is hyper-focused on partnership building and the blending of media, content and engagement. Every day I am focused on real time results and optimizing every dollar I am responsible for.

I am passionate and enthusiastic in everything I do and if I could, I would spend days at a time riding my road bike and breathing in life along the way. My passion is also obvious in my love for my wife and two kids. You can find me at a hockey rink several days a week where I manage my son’s rep hockey team or downloading new music with my daughter who likes the same artists as I do. I love to travel and explore, but I also like to flop on the couch and catch up on some great TV.