Activate Your Social Media Followers for Social Profitability

Use social platforms for awareness, donations, and growth!

It’s time to up the ante for your cause or organization with a social media strategy that boosts your Social Profitability.

It’s no longer enough just to have a website or some online digital presence. Social media is tapping into millions of followers worldwide. You want to be able to hone in on the right platforms that will attract the right individuals to engage with and who will ‘follow’, ‘like’ and ‘share’ your posts.

Start by growing your own followers from within your existing donor database. Use emails to convert donors to social media followers with ‘call-to-follow’ messages that can also be built into your website, newsletters, blogs and print materials.

By now, most are familiar with LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter…but new apps are constantly in development and many have become just as popular. Be strategic in choosing which platforms will be your go-to’s.

Make sure your company or cause is easy to find on social media and use tags and hashtags for greater online visibility.

Equally important is the content you are posting on these platforms and the frequency of your posts. Each site has a specific purpose, target audience and voice. You wouldn’t want to post the same message to your target audience on LinkedIn as you would on Facebook. Customize your messaging to suit the appropriate site and the number of times a day, or week, that you are actively posting or reposting.

Nor would you want to use the wrong platform to attempt to reach your demographic. If your target audience is primarily 35 to 50 year old men, then Snapchat isn’t necessarily the way to go. Using the right social media platforms can help you inform, engage and attract a wider audience base.

Speaking of engagement, noteworthy and newsworthy are the new social media payment options for nonprofits. Facebook has launched a donation tool, Twitter is in the market with $CashTags, there’s Google for Nonprofits which will accept donations through YouTube, and consider Apple Pay, Android Pay and Snapcash. These tools are designed to make fundraising easier for the cause and makes donating at the touch of a finger so simple and spontaneous for the user.

In a recent survey, people were asked about actions taken to support a charity or cause after engaging on social media. 55% of respondents who engaged with causes via social media have been inspired to take further action. These included monetary donations; volunteering; donations of clothing, food or personal items; attendance or participation in local charitable events; product purchases to benefit a cause; political contacts; or organizing an event.

Dedicating time and manpower to a social media strategy can grow your followers, which in turn can lead to increased supporters, event participants, volunteers, donors and sponsors. The time and effort invested will be – So Worth It!

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