Consumption vs. Co-Creation and its Effect on Social Profitability

New media models look at partnerships, not transactions

Over the past few years we’ve seen an evolution in the world of media as a new model, based on co-creation, has entered the landscape and caused traditional media to do an about face. The most successful marketing campaigns, especially for Social Profitability, are now based on shared values and true media partnerships.

In the old-school view, brands shape people. The new model sees people shaping the brands. This applies to the cause or belief, as well.

The distinction between the two is that co-creation of media strategies – and activation of additional media engagements, – actually go beyond the traditional media buys. In other words, we ‘activate people’, not just the spots and dots.

Who are these people? Working in collaboration, agency, clients and media partners, all bring their freshest ideas and resources to contribute to a singular vision. In the example of Social Profitability, they all work towards achieving the goals of a cause or event, to amplify awareness, participation, fundraising and sponsorship.

Clients used to approach media agencies with buckets full of money and a list of objectives they expected buyers and planners to fulfill. Too many agencies or engagements are still based on consumption. Their business practice employs the old model of media as a commodity.

Savvy media agencies activate their relationships with their media networks in order to bring more to the table. This alignment allows everyone to come together with no preconceived notions about what should be and frees the team to create something completely new from start to finish.

In an ever-crowded marketplace you have to sharp-shoot to hit your target audience. There has been a paradigm shift, not only in traditional media, but also in the way one views it. With the ever-evolving arrival of social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, et al) into a global landscape of choice, traditional media is seeing a slow demise. As we transition, more advertisers are moving their marketing budgets away from offline to online ones.

The onus is for smart media agencies to find new and unique media partnership opportunities to create an impact and have their message cut through and resonate. We’re constantly bombarded with a rapid dissemination of information. We need to look for ways to be seen and heard.

Co-creation promotes a marriage of ideas and is about blending the gamut of media options. Think in broader terms and see the potential in integrating news, editorial content, talent and sponsorship.

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