Inspiring “Ideas that Matter” to achieve Social Profitability

You can actually inspire your customer to do “good”

My son recently graduated high school and during his search for the ideal university education we had the opportunity to attend an open house at OCAD in Toronto. What struck me most at the time was their sales pitch; “We teach young people to solve the world’s problems”. Their goal was not just to turn out great designers or painters, but instead to enable their graduates to use their innate and learned skills to create solutions to challenging situations. This way of thinking is critical to the process of generating Social Profitability.

More than a dozen years ago, Sappi North America, the maker of McCoy, Opus, Somerset and Flo, established the Ideas that Matter grant program to recognize and support designers who use their skills and expertise to solve communications problems for a wide range of charitable activities. It is only in the coming together of like-minded people, with a commitment to make a difference, that profits can be achieved for all parties.

Check this out and be inspired to take action!

Since 1999, Ideas that Matter has funded over 500 nonprofit projects, contributing more than $12.5 million worldwide to causes that enhance our lives, our communities and our planet. Sappi believes and supports the creative ideas of designers because they are a powerful force for social good. Working together with their customers, they strive to make a difference.

Communication projects that support the needs of the nonprofit and meet the conditions and requirements of the Ideas that Matter program are considered, including a variety of communication mediums such as outdoor signage, t-shirts, banner advertising, print advertising, websites, html campaigns, events or other media. Grant awards range from $5,000 to $50,000 per project.

To date funded programs have spanned across 15 countries in such categories as:

Alcoholism and drug dependence – Aging – Animals and wildlife – Arts and culture – Child and domestic abuse – Community development – Disaster prevention and relief – Diversity – Education – Employment and job training – Environment and conservation – Food and Nutrition – Health – Housing – Human rights – Hunger – Inequality and social justice – Literacy – Philanthropy + volunteerism – Poverty – Recreation and sports – Regional and urban development – Science and technology – Transportation – Youth Development

This program is not only an example of what an organization can do to better engage with its customers, but at the same time also inspires others to make a difference, thereby creating Social Worth.

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