‘Licensed to Learn’ for Social Profitability?

Peer-to-Peer tutoring is a game changer in boosting student success

I was introduced to an incredible organization dedicated to boosting student success through personalized peer tutoring and leadership training. With a small, but mighty team, this organization is currently engaging nearly 4,000 young people across Southern Ontario, with a focus on underserved groups and vulnerable communities in Neighbourhood Improvement Areas.

L2L, or Licensed to Learn, is dedicated to helping youth excel in school and beyond by improving the self-confidence and academic success among those being tutored and by fostering the development of leadership skills among tutors. Brilliant… right?!?

Watch this to hear their story right from the mouths of the kids that are impacted directly from L2L:

L2L 2016: Student Voices from Licensed to Learn on Vimeo.

This is where I would normally go on to talk about a business that has partnered with L2L to create Social Profitability and how that partnership has benefited both parties, creating strong brand awareness for the business, while advancing the goals of the organization.

Truth be told, while L2L has secured some financial support, they are operating on a shoestring budget, which inhibits their ability to grow and benefit more students. So, in this case, let’s explore ways to bring people together to do great things, rather than just talk about what has already been done.

The best place to start is by looking to create alignment to the core values of the organization. Potential partners that can self-identify with what the organization stands for will have an easier time rationalizing their investment. That is our goal. Looking beyond just making a donation, how can we support a potential partner in being able to measure the impact from their investment (R.O.I.).

For example:


L2L equity means that all students have a fair chance to succeed in school and in life after school. L2L is helping to level set the playing field to make opportunities beyond school, in employment and higher education, within reach for all students.


• Partner with a company dedicated to ensuring diversity in their workforce. Canada’s Top 100 is a great place to look to see companies in Canada that are leaders in this initiative.

• Collaboration with another organization dedicated to similar values, such as Universities Canada, which, among other things, support students by providing online information on university study and offers scholarships on behalf of private sector companies


The development of leadership skills among youth is critical to success in today’s complex and rapidly changing world, especially the skills of critical thinking and strategic planning. Additionally, the support offered helps youth to develop the skills necessary to become effective and productive citizens locally, nationally and globally.


• Partner with an organization, such as the PricewaterhouseCoopers Canada Foundation, that is committed to helping to build and empower community leadership.

L2L is one of those rare organizations that, with very little, is able to accomplish so very much. Let’s all put our heads together to think about how we can enable L2L to reach more young people and create deeper and longer lasting Social Profitability for their target audience.

For more information on L2L, please contact Jessica Ferne, L2L Director: Email jferne@L2L.ca or Phone 647-253-3830, or visit http://l2l.ca/.

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