Plan Canada Uses Innovation to Achieve Social Profitability

#LiftHerUp campaign kicked off with a 3D hologram

When it comes to fundraising and cause marketing, we need to realize how technology can be harnessed to connect people and brands like never before. We need to find inventive and original ways to mesh strategic objectives, creative thinking and technical know-how.

Plan International Canada recently demonstrated how it can be done with a new and innovative digital campaign that went above and beyond its goals in achieving Social Profitability.

Inspired by the stuff of sci-fi, their campaign used burgeoning technology to stop shoppers in their tracks in one of Canada’s biggest and busiest downtown shopping malls. CF Toronto Eaton Centre played host to the campaign kick off on International Women’s Day, which encouraged young women to stand up for themselves.

A computer generated an image of a young woman crouched down with arms hugging her knees. When passersby engaged in the campaign through social media, tweeting or posting positive messages and using the hashtag #LiftHerUp, the holographic girl would slowly start to rise to her feet.

The campaign’s initial goal of generating 30,000 social media posts was reached that first day at the Eaton Centre. This translated into real impact for the cause. For every #LiftHerUp gender-inclusive message, Scotiabank donated one dollar to Plan International’s “Because I Am A Girl” program.

The campaign was planned, created and launched by Isobar, part of the Dentsu Aegis Network, using multi 3D-enabled projectors coupled with interactive cameras.

“It was powered by social sentiment analysis code to showcase the young girl’s evolution. We created a real-time feedback loop between the hologram and the audience”, said Kai Exos, Isobar’s chief creative officer.

The campaign grew to more than 60,000 social posts. Plan Canada followed up with a video and microsite, continued to promote the campaign for the month, and is planning to build upon the campaign in other marketing activities.

“A lot of people tend to look at international development as something that’s happening overseas and not in their own backyard,” Plan International Canada director of brand marketing and communications Erin Abbatangelo explained. “Global poverty and human rights are relevant everywhere. This was about making people understand what the issues are, then advocate on others’ behalf. In the end, they may look to donate to us to help support the work we’re doing globally, but really, the awareness is just as important.”

You too can see results in creating Social Worth and inspiring action for Social Profitability. Scotia Bank and Plan Canada demonstrated the very real impact that can be made and the power of coming together as like-minded partners. In doing so, they were able to build each other’s brands, while standing up for equal rights and continuing to do good in the world.

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