Putting Your Campaign Front and Center for Social Profitability

Extending Your Reach to a Wider Audience

Fundraising campaigns take effort, time and money to build steam and reach enough supporters to see your donations or event registrations multiply. Of course, the connection to cause plays a strong roll in the success of any campaign’s achievement of Social Profitability. How can you guarantee that you’re in the game from the start?

Firstly, don’t expect that your new or existing individual supporters will get you 100% of the way to your goals. These individuals are only one part of the equation. The groundswell of momentum that is built by peer-to-peer activities or donations will help with the activation of sponsorship from the corporate world, who have a role to play as well. Not only will they donate or sponsor, but they will also encourage employee engagement in the event.

Your advertising and marketing must engage and connect with multiple audiences. Make sure you have customized campaign messages that are uniquely tailored to each audience segment and that your media choices are designed to maximize reach against each of these segments.

Your communication strategy should adopt a cohesive and branded multi-channel program to gain attention where your audiences are most receptive.

Consider these pillars of media activation and engagement:

• Effective frequency of messaging is always a fundamental element of your media plan to ensure that awareness is established, but balance this with media executions that also provide a platform for depth of messaging that educate and influence response.

• Media that allows for strong visual appeal is another crucial element so that the potential participant or donor can gain empathy by picturing him or herself in situation, in the moment. Focus on real people, in real situations, doing real things in a setting that closely resembles your actual event or the impact they will make.

Influencer activation can make a big difference in the appeal and reach of your campaign. Plan media choices and engagements that allow voices of influence, such as key bloggers and local newscasters, etc., to help lead or imply endorsement.

• Niche segmentation is also another consideration in your media planning to reach those that have similar interests and affinities. This is most easily done with online tactics, but it is certainly not limited there.

• Media choices that allow for direct response should also be at the core of your campaigns, to capitalize on the immediate interest and engagement, and for measurement and optimization.

The success of your participant acquisition or donation-based campaign will depend on how well you execute these factors: integration, balance and the appropriate use of each channel of the above strategies. In addition, a successful media campaign will add weight to already activated peer-to-peer asks. It is easier to fundraise one-to-one when you have reinforcement from the amplified media campaign already in the marketplace.

Following these steps will make it – So Worth It!

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