The Business Drivers Behind Social Profitability

Social responsibility pays off when it comes from the heart

When it comes to making Social Profitability a priority in business, personal experience can be the motivating factor for many corporate leaders.

It was for Paul Lindley, who founded Ella’s Kitchen.
He had two motivating drivers:
1) his years helping build Nickelodeon into a trusted brand for children and seeking to address the perception that TV was responsible for kids’ poor health;
2) the challenges he faced when trying to get his own young daughter to try new foods.

Based on personal and professional experience, Paul determined he could use business to change society by offering something innovative, healthy, convenient and fun. His brand would appeal to babies and children and encourage them to develop healthier food habits for the long term.

Has something touched you personally that is the impetus for you to bring about change? Research business and marketing opportunities centered on this issue. You may be able to create something new in the marketplace.

Examine what the driving purpose is behind your business. Is there a natural and authentic ‘fit’ between your business and a worthy cause? Develop a brand strategy that focuses on Social Profitability. Use Paul Lindley’s example, as those in the food services industry may want to further help teach children about good health and nutrition.

Determine the challenges and hurdles you need to tackle. Set about creating your business model that will encompass your values, culture and economic forecast.

Start small. Set clear goals and develop a mission statement that will sustain you and will become the mantra that you and your team refer back to, to keep you inline as you all begin to move forward and expand your efforts. Your brand truth.

Brands with a strong mission, values and social purpose are in more demand by consumers. You must live and breathe your brand in order to put yourself in the mindset of your consumer. Build consumer trust by having a mission and message that resonates with them on an emotional level.

Reach out to those likeminded individuals and suppliers who will help you build relationships, activate involvement, and want to make a positive transformation for a segment of society.

If you put social responsibility and profitability at the heart of your business, you will see how it will pay off.

The impact you make today and tomorrow could last a lifetime.

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