It’s Time To Get Creative For Social Profitability!

This is when the fun really starts and the ideas come to life.

We believe that it takes the combination of insight and creativity to make a positive impact for Social Profitability – and to break through the clutter on the competitive landscape.

Your creative team is set to go with their Creative Brief in hand (see, ready to unleash their ideas to begin conceptualizing your next branded campaign focused on your cause.

Be sure to allow enough up-front time in the schedule for the copywriters, graphic designers, art directors and the social media mavens on your team to brainstorm and work through their ideas before committing anything to paper or computer. The more advance thinking and time dedicated to understanding the scope of the project, the better and more imaginative the final outcomes.

Early on in the process, the team should research your direct competition, what tactics they are employing to promote their cause, and how they are creatively positioning themselves within the marketplace.

Is this a completely new cause, event or campaign?

Here’s how to get the creative process started:

  • Create mood boards for inspiration and ideas to kick off the design process.
  • Look at ideating creative from all perspectives and target audiences.
  • Don’t be afraid to push boundaries and thinking to get to the best creative solutions.
  • Begin with high impact creative concepts making sure that they can be rolled out across all media involved (i.e. print, TV, digital, social), then finesse and refine.
  • Design branding that is eye catching and becomes recognizable to your cause, event or campaign.
  • Ensure that the use of colour reflects the brand.
  • Create a tagline that defines the cause or event.
  • Develop a tone of voice for all brand messaging.
  • Keep messaging across all media consistent.
  • Think about “outside the box” applications to capture audience attention.
  • All creative should maintain a cohesive brand standard for design and copy.

If you are about to create a new campaign or event for an existing organization or cause, put your previous work under scrutiny too. Pull out all the existing collateral pieces and have the team take a good look at brand messaging and identity, images, photography, etc.

Look at it with fresh eyes. Have you been consistent? Are you ready to move forward and evolve the art direction, graphics or tone of messaging?

Set up check-in meetings to ensure the work is moving forward and the team is sharing ideas right from the concept stage. Provide constructive and timely feedback to the creative team – establish an honest two-way dialogue for ideas, modifications and changes. This ensures collaboration, which leads to agency and client buy-in early on and a better final result.

Lastly, respect the expertise and professionalism of the creatives you’ve hired to do the job. You know it will be – So Worth It!

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