The Shift in Strategic Planning for Social Profitability

The Shift in Strategic Planning for Social Profitability

How a new calendar year shouldn’t affect your year-to-year thinking

The start of a new year provides a tabula rasa… clean slate. Fresh beginnings are golden opportunities for brands and organizations to develop new ideas and approaches for corporate Social Profitability.

We ask, “Should the slate be completely wiped clean of what’s come before?”

A new year is a great time to be thinking about the importance of strategic planning… not as a once a year or every three years effort, but more so as a continual ‘way of being’, essential to achieving continued growth and success. Being strategic needs to be second nature and embedded in all that we do, forming the foundation for all efforts that lead to generating Social Profitability.

We come from a world of advertising and marketing, where the Strategic Plan is the guide from which all other efforts and tactics flow. It provides the confidence necessary to make informed decisions and build towards greater outcomes.

In our experience, the opportunity for agency and clients to work alongside each other in a collaborative and transparent way, can lead to the discovery of true meaning and invaluable understanding.

We have been fortunate to have discussions with industry leaders in the not for profit space over the last many months. We found clear and common recurring themes emerging… the need to revitalize existing events/programs; identify new target audiences; create greater cause relevance, awareness and donor engagement; and develop new revenue generation possibilities.

Upon reflection, all our learning pointed towards the need for a concerted effort to gain critical insights and consider possibilities through an inclusive and collaborative effort of ideation & discovery.

So, how do you know if you are ready to take the first step to being strategic?

  1. Do you need to hear from, and be considerate of, multiple stakeholder groups?
  2. Do you want to be part of a process that is collaborative and inclusive by design?
  3. Do you want to create consensus amongst team members?
  4. Do you want to co-create solutions with your agency partner?
  5. Do you want to foster a sense of ownership amongst the team that will be responsible for implementation?

It takes a leap of faith from both the client and agency teams willing to take part in this very collaborative journey of strategic thinking.

If you make strategic thinking and planning an integral part of your day-to-day planning, rather than a year-to-year approach, it will be… So Worth It!

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