The Stronger Your Brand, the Greater Your Social Profitability

Start by putting smart, practical strategies in place

Is strategic planning any less important for a not-for-profit cause or organization’s brand than it is for a new startup or an established business? Not if you’re aiming for success and striving for Social Profitability!

Building an effective strategy for a new or existing program or campaign takes more than just running with a good idea. It involves planning, insight and commitment from you and your team to get from launch to the finish line.

Take a lesson from the top startups that are seeing tremendous growth in a very short time. The common denominators are a strong business plan and implementing the right tactics to reach customers.

Do your research. Take the time upfront to interview your key stakeholders and really listen to what they are telling you. Your colleagues, customers, donors or past event participants have a lot to share. You may be surprised at what you can discover from their first-hand storytelling of the experience. Allow them enough time to articulate what worked, what motivated them, and what could stand for improvement.

These testimonials are invaluable. Your marketing and creative teams should debrief in a brainstorming session to leverage the learning. This allows you to discover whether you are moving in the right direction and course-correct if necessary, before you begin developing your new strategy and approach.

Understand who you are trying to attract, how to get their attention and what it takes to gain their trust.

Your greatest opportunity to accomplish what you set out to do begins by having all the facts to substantiate a focused marketing plan.

Having said that, the plan should not be so rigid and inflexible that it can’t be altered or adapted should the need arise or circumstances change. Think of it as the roadmap for your journey. Sometimes you may have to reroute to find a better way to successfully arrive at your destination.

Next, take a look at your brand identity. It should be authentic, distinguished, recognizable and an expression of your business or organization. It’s worth the upfront investment to create a cohesive and strategic brand identity package and effective marketing materials. This holds as true for a complete new identity as it does for a new campaign, promotion or event. The right branding can be the difference between successfully selling yourself… and being overlooked in the marketplace or confused with your competition… and should be one of your top priorities when starting out.

Once established, you have a more focused perspective and direction to begin creative development and execution.

With the right strategies in place and a solid direction for your brand, you can attract your audience and convey your message. For companies and causes alike, it will be – So Worth It!

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