The Path to Social Profitability Through ‘Discovery’

Collaboration and inclusivity are essential to create!

If strategic planning is rooted in deep, meaningful Insight, then it is only through Discovery that powerful, breakthrough ideas can be brought to life. Social Profitability depends on being able to effectively connect the dots between the learning from customer insight and the knowledge and experience of those charged with the responsibility for creating something new.

So when you set out to develop a new event or program, or reimagine an existing one, consider bringing together members of your team that will ultimately be charged with the responsibility to implement what they build, so that they can own what they create.

Consider the thinking of Margaret Wheatley who outlines her views on ‘participation’ in New Science: DISCOVERING ORDER IN A CHAOTIC WORLD.

She offers the following theory:
• We need a broad distribution of information, viewpoints and interpretations if we are to make sense of the world.
• Participation by many produces a multiplicity of interpretations from which to organize and build.
• Participation, seriously done, is a way out of the uncertainties and ghostly qualities of this nonobjective world we live in.
• We know that the best way to build ownership is to give over the creation process to those who will be charged with implementation.
• Active participation creates an emotion driven change in the participant, which is the basis of ownership in the organization.
• The task is to build common meaning;
• In dialogue, a group accesses a larger pool of common meaning which cannot be accessed individually
• A dialogue is essentially a conversation between equals.
• Dialogue can only occur when a group of people sees each other as colleagues in mutual quest for deeper insight and opportunity.

Be inclusive of all key stakeholders and as broad a range of minds as is necessary to consider the opportunity from as many angles as possible. As you may be wading into unfamiliar territory, be open to the potential for differing perspectives. Ultimately, this will deliver amplified results for your brand experience.

Before you begin development of your next Strategic Plan and start building your critical path, take into account the time needed for a Discovery phase and how it could change the context of your next campaign for the better.

Those responsible for creating your next new event or program are essential partners to your organization’s success. Instead of just trying to ‘sell’ an idea to them after it has been created, bring them into the conversation, at the very earliest stage possible, and allow them to contribute to the development of breakthrough Discovery.

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