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Bringing People Together for Social Profitability

The ultimate expression of community belonging

Through my day job, I have the privilege of collaborating with some inspiring organizations and individuals that are working hard to generate the necessary funds to advance their respective missions. Over time, it is usually not that hard for me to find myself becoming personally engaged and connected to these causes… ultimately leading me to fundraise, donate, walk, run and even ride in support. The art of expressing thanks and appreciation to people just like me is not something to be taken lightly, in fact stewardship of supporters might be one of the most important contributors to long-term sustainability for not-for-profit organizations.

I was invited to an event to celebrate people just like me, but in this case as a guest, and not specifically because of my past support. So I had a wonderful opportunity to just observe and take in the experience, without consideration of my personal connection to the cause. As all of us in business know, it is a lot easier to keep a customer, than to get a new one. So, stewarding supporters can have a direct impact on financial results.

With that in mind, let me tell you about the event that hit a home run in stewarding those that have given the most. United Way Toronto & York Region acknowledges the financial support from its “Leadership” donors by inviting them to an exclusive concert, Songs of the City, an evening of unique storytelling and musical artistry.

Songs of the City masterfully creates Social Profitability by bringing together people whose lives have been changed because of gifts to United Way, with some of Canada’s most decorated composers and performers who believe in the importance of those gifts. Add to that mix, an amazingly talented creative team, an extraordinary venue and the generosity of a gracious patron sponsor… and you get WOW!

This unique format, allowed for 3 compelling speakers to share their stories of how United Way sponsored programs changed their lives, followed by the debut of original compositions that brought those same stories to life through musical interpretation, sprinkled with some words of thanks and appreciation in appropriate doses and at the right intervals.

Congratulations to all those involved in making Songs of the City so meaningful and successful and for offering the over 900 guests a tangible expression of the benefits of their support… it was… So Worth It!


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