Discover The Launch of A New Platform for Social Profitability

Collaboration is a game changer for agencies and clients alike

Years of involvement in fundraising and marketing have borne witness to many successful professional collaborations and significant relationships. Never has this proven truer than when two companies are able work together to realize a vision for their not-for-profit clients and create something spectacular in the process.

As a company owner, I have been fortunate to have been involved in such business exchanges and have experienced a rich history of effective partnerships. I am proud to say that in collaboration, our work has contributed to nearly $1 billion in giving to worthwhile causes.

This same work has led us to join forces in the creation and delivery of a new platform for Social Profitability.

The Social Profitability platform enables our dedicated teams to become one whole, working in concert with not-for-profits, causes, foundations and organizations, to rapidly develop new revenue concepts for their brands and programs.

Through our work, organizations are offered strategically tailored expertise and full execution, beginning with stakeholder engagement, experiential planning, concept development, event production, program execution, brand definition, creative and design, marketing, detailed budgeting, media activation, media relations, participant recruitment, activation and donation management.

With an unparalleled level of industry knowledge, comes the incomparable ability to combine efforts to best serve clients.

This strategic partnership, creates opportunities for re-invention and development, by investing our passion in remarkable not-for-profits. Bold dreams can become reality through insight and collaboration, by evolving brands and creating what does not already exist.

Working in tandem, we will advance the efforts of not-for-profit organizations as they look to generate profits, even surpassing their community and fundraising objectives by creating new revenue opportunities.

From the onset, our desire was to make a difference and be socially minded and to support our current and future clients in their endeavors. We want to inspire the community to get involved and activated… building awareness of important causes that resonate and motivate them.

Embrace opportunities for collaboration and witness the potential of outcomes that will undoubtedly fuel the growth and success that you are seeking.

When agencies and their clients can come together and work in concert for Social Profitability, the results will prove to be… So Worth It!

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