Engaging Millennials for Social Profitability

Social media is a key influencer in the charitable giving of millennials

Digital devices are the lifelines of most, if not all millennials. Cause marketers who hope to attract this younger audience should invest resources to create interactive social experiences that are engaging and easily shareable on digital networks.

Millennials want to celebrate the causes that are important to them and give to organizations that match their interests. Doing good has become a social activity. They need to ‘feel’ part of the experience. The right form of communication to this demographic is crucial.

Successful fundraising campaigns will recognize online marketing tools as an important means of informing and attracting this younger audience. To keep their attention and gain their loyalty, information must be perceived as honest and valuable.

The online space can bring a cause to life. It is one of the philanthropic industry’s preferred tools to validate the experience and value of the cause. And an invaluable choice for allocation of resources for its usability and flexibility.

High tech and high touch are the most successful means of communicating with Generation Y, and for them to communicate with each other, allowing millenials to enjoy an unprecedented level of peer affirmation. This group will stay engaged and can become ambassadors for the cause through their active use of social media. Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Vine and Snapchat, along with Facebook are their go-to channels.

Online platforms allow cause marketers to spread their message quickly and to an audience that has the ability to repost, comment and share with their networks in real time.

Social media leads to social networking. Word of mouth becomes the next critical channel that will get people talking, sharing their experiences, and joining the cause.

Recent research indicates that millennials are influenced by the decisions and behaviors of their peers, engaging with causes primarily to help other people. When they find the cause that aligns with their values, they will invite their family and friends to join them.

The future of philanthropy reflects a world where millennials expect a level of transparency and control. They demand more from digital technology and expect to see clear data, infographics and analytics related to their charitable contributions.

They also want evidence of how their giving is playing a significant role in changing the world. Along with the data on the numbers reached, millennials want tangible proof and stories about real people who are doing real good for what they believe in.

To achieve all this, cause marketers must pay special attention to the design and functionability of their websites and apps. These are critical tools to attract, engage, inform and influence this growing demographic.

Millennials expect their giving experience to be mobile and visually appealing. The functionality must be simple and work seamlessly with other applications and integrate fully with other online apps and tools.

Millennials’ high expectation of their online philanthropic experiences should match the level of digital interactions they have with other social media sites.

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