Exploring Your Neighbourhood For Social Profitability

Business success with ‘kindness’ at its core!

A couple of weeks ago a member of our team was walking around the neighbourhood and stumbled upon a small boutique store called, A Kind Heart. She was intrigued and decided to step inside.

This is Emily’s story…

Kyla, who I later learned was the owner of the store, warmly greeted me. She began telling me that all of the products available for purchase give back in some way. I was immediately curious to learn more and we proceeded to have a wonderful conversation.

I purchased a small tote bag that benefits FEED, an organization that creates products that help feed the world. FEED is just one of many product lines that Kyla carries in her store.

I left A Kind Heart feeling inspired, knowing that one of our neighbours is working so hard to make the world a better place. She is working to achieve Social Profitability every day.

I recently reached out to Kyla and asked if we could feature her story in one of our Social Worth blogs. We are grateful that she said yes! Please continue reading to learn more about Kyla’s story.

What inspired you to start ‘Kill it with Kindness’?

When I was 11 years old I was fortunate enough to be a part of a not-for-profit organization called C.I.S.V. (Children’s International Summer Village). CISV has been around for about 30 plus years and they are founded on the belief that a culture of peace is possible through education and through friendship and that real difference can be made by starting with young people.

Each year CISV chose 2 girls and 2 boys with an adult leader from 12 different countries from around the world. I was chosen to represent Canada as one of the girls. The destination that year was Oslo, Norway, as it changes every year. We all would stay for about 4 to 5 weeks and we learned about their country, beliefs, culture, food, dance, and language.

It was an amazing experience and I am grateful that I had that opportunity.

I started Kill it with Kindness to make a difference in the world we live in and to help eradicate the hurt all together. To teach and support our children’s worth that will empower their individuality. To help teach about inclusion and equality, kindness and friendship. I am proud to say that we now have a 4-5 year waiting list for our initiative, The Friendship Bench Project Canada.

What impact are you having on kids across North America? 

The impact that we are having on children across North America is that their voices DO matter. The importance of talking about mental health (anxiety, depression, ADHD, etc) and to know that they are not alone.

You are achieving Social Profitability by promoting various charities and causes at your boutique, A Kind Heart. Why did you open the store? How do you pick your product?

While we wore our Kill It With Kindness t-shirts with pride, we saw there was a demand for them. We wanted to create a space that carried lines that give back and to inspire others to give back.

Our mission is to carry lines that meet one of the criteria:
1) Locally made
2) Environmentally friendly
3) Gives back to a community or a charity

How has your customer reacted to learning more about your story and support of Kill it with Kindness?

On a daily basis we have customers that come into our boutique that LOVE the concept. Love what we are doing and have created. Some stand in the middle of the store touching their heart and some eyes fill up with love and joy that this store exists. This warms our heart that we are making a difference and that the inspiration is creating a positive ripple effect in everyone around us.

A great example is that just recently a woman came in to buy a gift for her nephew. She intentionally wanted to give a gift that had purpose and meaning behind it. Even when we give a gift…we can still educate on the importance of making a difference.

What did Emily learn from this experience? You don’t have to look far to find inspiring people working hard to achieve Social Profitability. Exploring your neighbourhood and meeting your neighbours can be… So Worth It!

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  1. What a fabulous concept! You want to go and shop there and support her giving back in so many areas. Great job and thanks for all the inspiration and kindness.


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