The Path to Social Profitability is to be ‘Strategic’

A strategic plan is your roadmap to success

You are ready to call an agency to let them know that you have a new event or program that you want to bring to market and need to create the brand for it. At issue – your creative brief has more questions than answers. What do you do? This story is not unique to you, it happens all the time.

There are ways to work through it, if together, client and agency, invest in the upfront planning necessary to ensure success and Social Profitability. By looking at the opportunity critically, from all angles, you can be confident that the path forward will produce the desired outcomes. Sometimes you have to go 2 steps backward, in order to get 10 steps forward!

In the world of advertising and marketing, the Strategic Plan is the guide from which all other efforts and tactics will flow. It provides the confidence necessary to make informed decisions and build towards greater outcomes.

Traditional forms of customer engagement are not producing the breakthrough thinking needed to power breakthrough ideas. There is a better way of uncovering new truths and insights that has lead to great strategic plans, creative briefs, and ultimately, results! Agency and clients need to work alongside each other in a collaborative and transparent way, in order to uncover true meaning and gain invaluable understanding.

The journey needs to be inclusive of all stakeholders and as broad a range of minds as is necessary to gain important insights. The key is to make sense of the information attained and build upon each other’s ideas to arrive at the bigger idea. Problems of all types and sizes can be solved in this genuine and consensus building manner.

How to know if you are ready to take the first step to be strategic?

  1. Do you need to hear from, and be considerate of, multiple stakeholder groups?
  2. Do you want to be part of a process that is collaborative and inclusive by design?
  3. Do you want to create consensus amongst team members?
  4. Do you want to co-create solutions with your agency partner?
  5. Do you want to foster a sense of ownership amongst the team that will be responsible for implementation?

It takes a leap of faith from both the client and agency teams willing to take part in this very collaborative journey of strategic thinking.

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