It’s Time to Influence the Influencers for Social Profitability

Activate the network that will provide you with the greatest reach

We’re living in a peer-to-peer age where ideas are being telegraphed at lightning speed. It’s the individual who now controls the narrative. So, how do we influence the individual?

In the realm of philanthropy, it’s time to unleash the power of the ‘influencer’. These are the people to play a key role in mobilizing the troops and activating their involvement for Social Profitability. If we focus our efforts on targeting the ‘influencer’, they will spread the word exponentially, reaching out to a far greater audience of hundreds or thousands, far more than we ever could achieve by solely going to the cause or organization’s existing base.

First and foremost, activate the greatest influencers … the zealots. Seek out these ultra-supporters who already have a stake in, and are most connected to, the cause. Inspire them to take action then rely on them to amplify the message.

Recognizing that word of mouth is still considered to be the oldest, yet most effective method of communication, with a 92% trust rate, it is incumbent upon us to find the right voice to spread our message. But, whose voice is speaking, how do we control what they are saying and how long will it take to get the message out?

Media still plays an important role in influencing your audience. Hone in on the choice of media outlets and the partnerships you can activate.

Begin by looking inwards at the community and at your network of media partners. Identify trusted and recognized voices at local or national TV or radio stations who will become spokespeople for the cause or organization. Celebrity endorsements can go far, and can be far-reaching, as long as they are considered a reliable and respected source. These actual or implied endorsements have the power to create far more deeply rooted connections with your audience. There is a huge difference in hearing a broadcasted radio commercial versus listening to the very same radio announcer talking in his or her own voice, with the ability to positively influence the audience’s decision making.

Consider working with your broadcast media partners to create a strategic and integrated marketing and media campaign. Arrange for top local radio show personalities to offer casual on-air chat to bring your story to life. Invite listeners to learn more online and participate further in co-sponsored contests or promotions. Results from tactics like this can be hugely successful. Radio personalities are able to spread the word in an authentic way to make an impact and create actionable interest with their audience.

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