Making Connections to Fuel Social Profitability

Finding the relationship between passion & philanthropy

Welcome to the dawn of the New Age of Passion. Look at it as an antidote to a decade where people are hyper-focused, on the move, or plugged into digital devices and social media. We need to hit the ‘pause’ button to get back to our roots and take the time to stop, think, and feel. Let’s trust our hearts, not just our heads. This is how we can start to rebuild personal connections. Brands and organizations actually have the ability to reignite our primal passion for humankind and our desire to benefit society. It’s time to identify those touch points that will reconnect people on a deeper level to philanthropy, which ultimately will fuel Social Profitability.

What is philanthropy, after all? The dictionary definition:

  1. desire to benefit humanity
  • a desire to improve the material, social, and spiritual welfare of humanity, especially through charitable activities
  • altruistic concern for human welfare and advancement
  1. philanthropic act or group
  • a philanthropic action or organization
  1. love for all humanity
  • general love for, or benevolence toward, the whole of humankind (formal)

Plan your strategic process with an eye towards both passion and Social Profitability. Successful philanthropic efforts need to make an impact in the lives of those they wish to involve. There needs to be a genuine passion for the cause. Identify your mission and craft a statement that resonates and becomes your mantra. Find the cause connection – the common denominator that gives people a reason to care. Provide details of who will benefit from the monies raised or how they will be used. Only then can your brand create concrete ways to demonstrate passion and activate involvement.

Start within the organization, from the top down, and then spread your passion outwards through your entire network. Make sure that a sense of caring is imbued right down to your newest constituents. Those are the participants, volunteers and donors whom you rely on to contribute their most valuable time and money. Passion can spread quickly when the message is authentic and inspired.

Be bold. Resist the urge to water things down. Create a larger-than-life personality for your cause that your primary audience will relate to. You want to capture attention, excite and intrigue that loyal group of supporters. Get them revved up and ready for action and mobilization. Give them compelling reasons to inspire others to join in your passion and become do-gooders for your cause. Let your constituents put their networks to work, and your message will amplify and multiply, seemingly with a power of its own.

The power of passion!

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