The Right Hire for Social Profitability

Character counts in building a culture of giving!

Socially responsible corporations are establishing themselves as forces to be reckoned with when it comes to promoting the greater good. Fundraising, corporate giving, media and public relations are key components to making their mark and spreading the word.

But who is spearheading the movement from within? Savvy companies are creating a culture of giving, carving out a specific niche within their organizations. They are hiring teams or dedicating positions with Social Profitability in mind.

Your company should take note. So, who and what do you look for to start building your team?

First and foremost you want people willing to make a difference. Whether they come from the not-for-profit world or not, they have a passion for doing good. The right people demonstrate an energy level that shows they are ready to make things happen, and the ability to bring forward new and fresh ideas.

Most often, these are the people who will be representing your company internally and externally. Communication skills are critical in stating your mission in person and in writing. These individuals should be as comfortable in giving an elevator pitch to potential donors, or getting their point across to someone in your tech department, as they are asking for large corporate sponsorships.

The right candidates for the role should be personal and personable, humble and humane, compassionate and confident.

You are looking for people who are self-motivated, yet thrive on being integral to the success of the team. These are the ones that make things happen and get things done without a lot of handholding. They should rely on their own ability for networking to further the cause, and offer fresh ideas and perspectives to the team.

Social media savvy applicants have a profound understanding of the benefits of implementing new age marketing tools. They must be able to utilize these real-time vehicles that are so critical to successful cause marketing campaigns. Delivering the message to the right target audience – or spreading the word to the masses – needs to be on their list of priorities.

Creating social impact isn’t always easy. Asking for money, a commitment of time or resources takes skill, and often, a sense of humour. Those who are on the corporate social profitability team may need to develop a thick skin for the inevitable rejections. Being open to making this a learning opportunity is to everyone’s benefit and can help boost the team’s morale and keep everyone focused and on target.

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