The Path to Social Profitability Requires ‘Connection’



Inspiring social profitability

David Abrams and Geoff Seigel

We are all about creating opportunities to move people to do great things. All organizations, whether private, public or charitable, are driven to inspire and engage. We believe passionately in the power of bringing people together to create what does not yet exist.

Achieving SOCIAL PROFITABILITY requires a commitment to bring the best minds and thinking together. Let that action begin here.

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Speaking – Let’s Talk About Inspiring Action for Social Profitability

David Abrams - Speaking

David Abrams

I have combined my 20+ years of marketing experience, with expert training as a Certified Professional Facilitator, to create an experiential strategic planning process… from start to finish. Whether I am asked to speak to the “how” of what I do, or to actually lead a strategic planning solution, I create an interactive and participatory forum for collaboration and learning to take place.

Sharing my experience and stories that inspire, participants are exposed to an authentic and impactful way of working through challenging topics and issues… arriving on the other side with tangible and actionable results… translating to measurable ROI for the organization.

My specialty area is all things STRATEGIC, with an emphasis on creating what does not yet exist. So if participants are looking for more awareness, revenue, engagement and/or loyalty for their business, organization, brand, program or event, I can offer inspiring and informative guidance to set them on the path towards Social Profitability.

If you would like more information about having me make a presentation to your group, please email me or call me at 416.449.4519.

Geoff Seigel - Speaking

Geoff Seigel

With a personal connection to the not-for-profit sector and 13 years of professional experience, I have become an expert in participant recruitment, contributing to the success of over 100 fundraising events in North America that have raised hundreds of millions dollars. Today, I apply this experience and learning and lead the implementation of a completely unique and differentiated media buying and activation process across multiple client categories.

Combining my professional passion with my personal mission – do good and influence others to do the same, I often speak about the work that I do in this area. With a hyper-focused track record of partnership building and determining the right blend of media, content and engagement, I share with participants how success can be achieved with a focus on real time results and optimization, ensuring that every dollar spent works towards Social Profitability.

I offer a first hand glimpse into the rapidly changing media landscape and how to bring all of the right parties, into the right conversation, to yield results that are unexpected, exciting and fully achieve the intended outcomes.

If you would like more information about having me make a presentation to your group, please email me or call me at 416.449.9927.