Social Media Influencers Engage Your Target Audience

Consider this tactic in your next media mix to see Social Profitability

There has never been a better time to break through the clutter of traditional advertising and reach your intended audience in a far more authentic way. This is especially true when you want to gain the interest and attention of millennials to achieve Social Profitability.

The focus has shifted to social media, where people look to each other and their favourite personalities for engagement and to inform their decision-making. Influencer marketing has been touted as the next biggest thing in advertising.

This is today’s word-of-mouth.

Rather than interrupting the user experience, as in the case of traditional ads, native advertising works within the organic content creating better alignment and more powerful retention.

Savvy marketers will identify their goals and start to build a strategy around social media influencers. These people are not just blogging, but gaining massive followings on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, Periscope, Vine, and more every day. These platforms can open a world of possibilities for branded content, offering new ways and new channels to connect you to your desired audience.

Single out and vet the influencers that most align with your cause and segment them into advocate groups that you can work with on an ongoing basis.

Who are the most popular influencers? Bloggers, musicians, sportspeople, experts in their respective fields, TV actors, models, artists, journalists and film stars.

These are the personalities that will bring your campaign experience to life and amplify your message through their networks, building the buzz about your campaign or cause, so that people will see, hear and begin to share with others.

Currently, there is a massive supply of influencers, but few marketers using influencers for their campaigns. This puts you in a position of acquiring great impressions from an influencer promotion and investing well below its true market value.

Your organization has a definite role in contributing to the success of your social media campaign. Provide the influencers with quality assets such as hi-res images and photos for their use in creating content. The legitimacy of the message and the information provided within will play a significant factor in whether or not the reader finds it interesting and worthy of sharing or talking about.

Once posted on social media, your organization can repost or repurpose the content to add credibility and caché to your campaign.

An added plus to using influencer marketing is that it helps boost your search engine ranking (SEO). The more your cause is mentioned on social media, the higher and more relevant you will be on Google.

You will also be able to target and track every website visit, social media ‘like’ and picture posted or shared online, which will invariably help you gain insights about your audience and valuable data about your campaign’s performance.

Social influencers are becoming more popular than traditional celebrities and have the power to become the go-to channel for authentic message distribution in the years to come. Planning social media in your next campaign marketing mix will be So Worth It!

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