The Path to Social Profitability Requires ‘Connection’



Inspiring social profitability

David Abrams and Geoff Seigel

We are all about creating opportunities to move people to do great things. All organizations, whether private, public or charitable, are driven to inspire and engage. We believe passionately in the power of bringing people together to create what does not yet exist.

Achieving SOCIAL PROFITABILITY requires a commitment to bring the best minds and thinking together. Let that action begin here.

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Workshop – Participate in our Resource Assessment Workshop [RAW]

Often the greatest challenge a client faces is actually defining the scope of services that they require and having the right support to sell the project internally.

Sound familiar?

We can help you:
1. Make sense of your needs
2. Engage multiple stakeholders
3. Identify strategic objectives & what success looks like
4. Brainstorm strategic directions
5. Determine what comes next & establish budgets considerations

Our 3 hour Resource Assessment Workshop is a professionally facilitated Discovery Session designed to co-create a comprehensive project outline to ensure engagement of the right resources for implementation and the right stakeholders that need to participate throughout the process.

The purpose of the workshop would be to:
1. Come together to determine scope of project and provide an opportunity to assess chemistry and fit.
2. Identify internal and external stakeholders that require engagement or consultation.
3. Discuss and reach consensus on strategic objectives and measures of success.
4. Preliminary brainstorm to consider possible strategic directions that could achieve desired results.
5. Determine next steps, including budget parameters.
6. Generate a written report of the above to assist project leads in gaining necessary support and required approvals.

Resource Assessment Workshop

Take the first step. To learn more, please email or call David at 416.449.4519 and we’ll find a convenient time to discuss how we can begin the process.